5 Mistakes You May Be Making in the Hiring Process

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5-mistakes-you-may-be-making-in-the-hiring-processIt’s time to revamp your hiring process, and make it even more efficient for the year ahead. To that end, you need to watch out for these five hiring process mistakes. If you discover any, it’s time to leave them behind. Start hiring properly with a staffing agency, like Liberty Staffing Services. 

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1. Your Net is Too Narrow

Are you posting jobs to your website and your local newspaper, then wondering why you’re not finding the right candidates? The problem is you’ve cast too narrow a net to nab the talented workers you need.

Instead, start creating a more robust posting network. You can still post to your company website, and run that ad in the local paper, but you should also access other avenues. Online job boards, specialized professional websites, and even social media like LinkedIn could help your job post reach the people who need to see it.

If you’re still having trouble locating the candidates you require, contact our team at Liberty Staffing. We’ll use our connections to help you net more great candidates every time.

2. You Resist Technology

Are you using the latest technology when it comes to hiring? From social media, to screening tools, you don’t see a reason to add these to your hiring process. After all, you didn’t have these tools before, and you found candidates just fine.

It might be time to reconsider, especially if you’ve been having trouble making those great hires lately. Just like how posting to social media could help you find more job candidates, using the right screening software can assist you in sorting through applications to find the best candidates. 

Technology may help you do so much more too. Scheduling interviews is a breeze with the right software. Video conferencing can make interviews easier than ever. Technology could even help you administer tests, and other screening activities, before you prepare a phone interview. 

3. You Don’t Start Onboarding Right Away

When does your onboarding process start? Most hiring managers would tell you that it starts once someone has accepted a job offer from you.

Today, onboarding should actually begin earlier. In fact, it should kick in the moment you respond to a job applicant. You may not hire everyone who applies, but you should operate as though you’re bringing each one of them onboard.

For the most part, this means focusing on good communication with applicants. This is key to forming an employer brand. An unsuccessful candidate who received good communication, and had a pleasant experience is still likely to re-apply. They’ll also tell others about their positive experience.

When you do make someone a job offer, they’ll already have a great opinion of you, and be ready to continue building that relationship.

4. You Don’t Check References

Many employers make this mistake when hiring. Even when you ask for references as part of the job application, you may not check them until you’re ready to make a job offer. Even then, you might decide to skip the reference check because you’re so sure this person is the right candidate.

Asking for and checking references is a crucial part of the hiring process. Anyone can make themselves look good on paper. That’s why talking to the people they’ve worked with is key. By talking to former employers, colleagues, and supervisors, you can ensure this gem of a candidate will live up to expectations.

5. You Don’t Have the Right Help

If you’re not working with a staffing agency yet, you may not be getting the assistance you need for hiring. Hiring mistakes are much more likely if your team is rushing to get open positions filled. 

If this sounds like you, get in touch with Liberty Staffing Services today. We can help you create a better, smoother hiring process, so you can find the candidates you need.

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