5 Reasons to Hire Temporary Warehouse Staff

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5-reasons-to-hire-temporary-warehouse-staff-thumbStaffing a warehouse is a big task! First, you have to do all of the regular tasks associated with staffing any large business, like managing schedules and job responsibilities. Meanwhile, you also have to deal with frequent changes in labour demand due to the season or consumer behavior. And then there is the fact that many warehouses are located pretty far away from urban centers, which means you have a smaller pool of workers to appeal to.

Outsourcing your warehouse staffing may be the solution you’re looking for to help you manage this huge task. Contact us at Liberty Staffing to learn more about how we can help you maintain your ideal staffing levels and avoid costly labour-related delays. 

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Temporary warehouse staff are a great resource that you may not be using. Let’s take a look at why you should consider hiring temp workers in your warehouse. 

1. Temporary Hires Allow You to Fill Positions Quickly

Do you need to fill open positions quickly? There is a trend in warehousing right now where it’s common to have lots of growth potential, but not enough workers to fill all of the positions. 

Temporary workers are a great way to fill those openings quickly. There are plenty of job seekers who want full time work and are willing to take a temporary position until they find something permanent. And there are also people who are only looking for temporary work right now. When you add those two groups together, you have a much larger candidate pool than when you’re only hiring permanent workers. 

2. You Can Find Out if a Temporary Worker is a Good Fit

Sometimes, you’re just not ready to commit to a specific individual until you know them better. You need to know things like how they fit into the company and whether or not they can truly perform the tasks associated with the job description. 

That makes temporary workers a great option because you can hire several people and decide who is a good candidate for a permanent position later. 

3. Temporary Workers Can Onboard for Busy Seasons

In warehousing, some seasons are busier than others. You don’t always need to maintain the same level of warehouse staff. 

When you hire temporary employees, you can bring them on board for the busy season and then scale back down to your normal operational needs, without laying anyone off or suddenly being overstaffed. 

4. Save Money on Overtime

If you’re currently paying out a lot of overtime hours because you need your current workers to cover extra shifts, why not bring temporary workers on board? 

These team members can be paid a traditional hourly wage, rather than the premium overtime salaries you have been covering. You’ll cover more hours without spending so much on labour costs. 

5. You Don’t Have to Do the Hiring Yourself

Staffing agencies can certainly help match permanent or temporary workers with companies that are hiring. However, they are especially popular with businesses (including warehouses) who need to hire temp employees. 

That’s because staffing agencies can quickly and efficiently process numerous applications. Instead of spending your time trying to find and onboard temporary employees, let a staffing agency help! 

Liberty Staffing has been helping Southern Ontario’s employees and employers connect for over twenty years. We know how to help you find temporary workers who will help fill open positions, reduce your overtime spending, and possibly turn into excellent permanent workers! 

Contact Liberty Staffing today with questions or to get started. We’re ready to find the temporary workers you need to operate your business efficiently!

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