5 Signs It's Time to Find a New Job

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By Megan Lacombe

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5_Signs_Its_Time_to_Find_a_New_Job.jpgIt's unfortunate but true that many professionals in the working world feel lukewarm about their current job situation. Let's face it, some view a job as just a way to pay the bills. But it doesn't have to be that way. Since we spend most of our time at work (on average about 40 hours per week for those working full time), it's imperative that you find a career that you'll enjoy. Don't settle. Life is too short. Strive to obtain that job of your dreams.

How can you tell when it's time to find a new job? Here are some telltale signs.

1. Lack of Motivation

A clear sign that it's time to find a new job is if you genuinely lack a sense of motivation to go. This lack of motivation could be because of many factors, including but not limited to: not being challenged, lack of positive validation from your manager, or that the position is just not right for you. All of these factors can contribute to you not wanting to go to work. Stop feeling bad about it and start looking for another position. 

2. No Challenge

Though it may seem easy to have a job which requires little challenge and problem-solving skills, the job will become mundane over time. A job is all about professional growth, and with each new position you take on, you should be continuing to move forward in your career. Not being challenged is a clear sign that it's time to move on to bigger and better things.

3. Too Stressful

A common sign that it's time to find a new career is when your current position becomes too stressful to handle. Often, stress can cause physical/mental harm to the body. Your body and mental state is important, and you only get one life to live. So be sure to obtain employment which is not too stressful. Workplace safety should be everyone's number one priority. 

4. High Turnover 

It's often a bad sign if the company that you're working for has high turnover. High turnover could be a result of bad management, lack of structure, or other contributing factors. Either way, high turnover is not good. There is a constant revolving door of new employees coming in and out. You must take this seriously and really take a look at why this is happening at your current place of employment. High turnover is a sign that you should start looking for other work. 

5. No Coworker/Manager Support

Do you find that you need positive validation from coworkers and managers? If you're not receiving this type of support, it may be time to move on. While you may not need a congratulatory phrase or a friendly pat on the back from coworkers or managers everyday, it's nice to receive support once in awhile. Also, make note of tasks that need to be completed in a team. Is your team communicating and supporting one another to complete the required tasks? If not, it's a big red flag. It's all about team work and establishing strong professional relationships with the people that you work with. The workplace can seem awfully lonely without it. 

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Megan Lacombe

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