A Deep Dive Into Contract Hiring and Why It Might Be Right For You

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a-deep-dive-into-contract-hire-&-why-it-might-be-right-for-you-thumbGetting hired into a contract position is a great solution for many job seekers, especially those who want to try out a new industry or career path. It’s also ideal for people who seek flexibility or seasonal work.

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Additionally, we’re offering this deep dive into contract hiring so that you have a better understanding of what it entails, what to expect from this kind of position, and why it might be the best fit for you. 

What is a Contract Hire?

In a traditional hiring setting, employees work directly for a company and there is no planned “end date.” If you work in a traditional job like this, you stay in the job until you are ready to move on or your employer decides to legally terminate your employment. 

A contract hire, on the other hand, usually refers to a person who contracts with an employer to do a specific job for them but isn’t officially hired as a permanent employee, or an individual who comes on board as a temporary worker. In that case, the temporary staffer is employed by a staffing agency, not the company where they work. 

Common Contract Hire Positions 

Some jobs are more commonly done by contractors than others. For example, here is a list of some of the positions that are done by independent contractors in Southern Ontario: 

- IT and Software Development Workers (programmers, web developers, QA testers, project managers)
- Creative Services Professionals (graphic designers, copywriters, marketing specialists)
- Accounting and Finance Experts (accountants, auditors, financial analysts)
- Engineering Specialists (mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical engineers)
- Scientific and Technical Contractors (research assistants, lab technicians, clinical research associates)
- Administrative Professionals (virtual assistants, data entry clerks, administrative coordinators)

Common Temporary Contract Positions

Even though being an independent contractor gives you a lot of freedom, many contractors feel stuck in high-pressure environments where they always have to be hustling. As an alternative to independent contract work, people often turn to temporary positions. 

Temporary positions give you the flexibility of contract work with the predictability of consistent employment.

Some common temporary positions include: 

- Office Administration staff (receptionists, data entry clerks, administrative assistants)
- Hospitality and Events workers (wait staff, bartenders, event coordinators, caterers)
- Retail and Salespeople (cashiers, sales associates, customer service roles)
- Manual Labourers (construction workers, landscapers, general labourers)
- Manufacturing Staffers
- Warehousing Employees
- Delivery Drivers (drivers, couriers, food delivery workers)
- Healthcare Workers (nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapists, home health aides)

Benefits of Contract Roles for Today’s Job Seekers 

Let’s take a look at the many benefits of contract work, especially temporary employment contracts. Understanding these benefits will help you determine if this kind of work might be a good fit for your skills, scheduling needs, and professional aspirations. 

Contract Work Gives You Exposure 

When you work for a staffing company that provides you with temporary assignments, you get exposure to different companies, teams, and projects. You’ll learn a lot about the industry you are working in by being exposed to many different workplace environments, cultures, and management styles. 

You’ll Get a Lot of Flexibility

As a temporary worker, you get more control over your work schedule. Of course, you must be a punctual employee who consistently shows up when you’re expected to, but you can pick and choose from assignments that are a good match. 

In a traditional job, you have little freedom to change your schedule as needed. If your office says that work is between 8am and 5pm, then you have to do your job between 8am and 5pm. But if you are a contract hire, you can choose contracts that meet your needs. 

Perhaps you need to start work later in the morning because you need to get your kids to school. The staffing agency you partner with can rule out jobs that require you to be there extra early! The same is true if you need to work nights, weekends, or for a specific window of time. 

There Are Many Opportunities to Develop Job Skills 

Have you ever been frustrated by how many entry level jobs require experience in the field? You may be thinking, how am I supposed to get experience in the field if this is my first job? 

One of the easiest solutions? Temporary work!

Employers are willing to hire temporary workers who need on-the-job training because they know that if an employee doesn’t develop the skills to do the job, they can part ways easily at the end of the contract term. The employee can be reassigned by the staffing company, and the employer can find a new person to fill the role. This happens without layoffs or terminating someone’s employment. 

If you want to get a job in a specific industry but haven’t been able to find your “in", temporary contract work may be exactly what you need.

Don’t Get Stuck in an Unsatisfactory Job

It’s not just employers who benefit from short term contracts because they can say goodbye to a worker who isn’t a good match. You get the benefit of an easy out, too!

Temporary contract work means that you don’t have to stay in a position that you hate out of some kind of obligation or fear that you won’t be able to find something else. When your contract ends, you can part ways amicably, with a great reference and a lot of new opportunities ahead. 

Does Working as a Contract Hire Sound Like a Great Idea? Liberty Staffing is Here For You!

If you find yourself thinking that contract work sounds like a good fit for you, Liberty Staffing Services can help! We are a staffing agency with decades of experience in helping job seekers like you find excellent positions at great companies throughout Southern Ontario. 

If you’re looking for flexibility, skill development, and the opportunity to explore different kinds of workplaces, contract work may be a great fit for you. 

Contact Liberty Staffing today to find out what contract work we currently have available! 


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