Considering a Job with Rotating Shifts? 3 Hidden Benefits

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Considering-a-job-with-rotating-shifts-3-hidden-benefitsShift work sometimes gets a bad rap among workers. For some employers, shift work is a necessity. Many industries use shift work to keep production high.

Liberty Staffing Services offers some rotating shift work. If you’re considering a job with rotating shifts, you may have many questions and concerns. Whether you’ve worked shift work before or not, you may be wondering how you’ll adjust to the night shift.

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You may be surprised to learn that rotating shifts actually have some serious benefits for employees. Read on.

1. You’ll Get More Comprehensive Training

Every business has its busy periods and quieter times. Sometimes those times could vary within the span of a few hours (especially if you work in the customer service industry). The same is true in a factory. Day shifts often tend to be busier than night shifts, because shipments may only arrive from 9am to 5pm.

This means you’ll receive better training during some of those quieter, night shifts. Your trainer will be able to focus more on teaching you the essential skills needed to complete tasks successfully.

When you switch to a busier shift, you’ll be well prepared to meet the demands. You’ll also be ready to learn more. In turn, you’ll become a more well-rounded employee.

2. It’s More Engaging for You

Some people prefer to work fixed schedules, because it allows them to get into a rhythm. That might be fine for someone who is a natural morning person, or a nighthawk, but fixed schedules also come with drawbacks.

If you’re always on day shift, you know you’re going to be busy, and you’ll give it your all to finish the task at hand quickly. If you’re on the night shift, you’ll have time to complete tasks at your own pace.

Rotating shifts help create a balance between busy shift times and slower shifts. You know you’ll have days when you’re busy, and need to move more quickly, and you’ll also know you’ll have some shifts when you can tackle less-pressing tasks.

This keeps the job engaging. Having this variety is nice.

3. Employers May Offer Perks

Depending on the schedule you’re considering, you may end up getting a few extra perks with a job featuring rotating shifts.

Some employers structure their shift schedules so that you get a mini-vacation in the middle of every month. Others may ensure you have X amount of back-to-back days off. For example, if you work two 12 hour shifts in a row, you may get the next two days off.

Rotating positions may also come with higher pay. Many of our clients that offer night shifts, or rotating shifts, pay employees at a higher hourly rate or salary.

With rotating shifts, you could gain some decent time off, and earn more money.

Find a Job that Fits You

If you’re looking for a new job, get in touch with Liberty Staffing today! We can help you find a role that fits your lifestyle, whether that’s a rotating shift, or a position with a fixed schedule. The right job is out there for you.

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