Finding Work Through a Staffing Agency: Facts and Statistics

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Staffing Agencies


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Finding_Work_Throuhg_a_Staffing_Agency_Facts_and_Statistics.jpgAre you debating on registering with a staffing agency to obtain employment? You’re probably wondering about your probability of finding work. Or, perhaps you’re unsure of whether you would like to work a temporary job versus permanent work. There are many benefits to partnering with an agency. At Liberty Staffing, our goal is to find you suitable work that fits what you’re looking for, as soon as possible.

If you’re wondering whether you should register with a staffing agency to find employment, here are some facts and statistics. The following facts have been compiled from a 2014 American Staffing Association Employee Survey, titled “The Bridge That Works: Results of the ASA Staffing Employee Survey confirm: Temporary and contact assignments help Americans get the permanent jobs they want.” This was an online survey compiled by temporary and contract employees who worked for 275 staffing companies at some point in time since January 2013. The following results include multiple responses.

When Taking on a Temporary Job:

  • Nearly 90% of employees said temporary work made them more employable
  • 62% developed new/improved work skills
  • 59% said temporary or contract work helped strengthen their resume
  • 59% received great on-the-job experience

Top Reasons Why Employees Sought Temporary Work:

  • 49% said it acted as another avenue to obtain permanent work
  • 40% said they were unable to find a permanent job originally
  • 28% took on a temp job to obtain work experience
  • 24% took on temporary work to improve their skills

Employees Who Registered with an Agency for Permanent Work:

  • 99% cited that they achieved their objective of finding permanent work through a staffing agency

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