How to Support Your Employees with Balancing Work and Virtual Teaching

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How-to-support-your-employees-with-balancing-work-and-virtual-teaching-1This year has created a changing and challenging landscape for employees and employers alike. You may have had to let valued team members go. You might have had to get creative with what you offer, or you may have needed to move your team remotely. In some industries, you could even be facing an unprecedented boom.

Your employees have had to face these difficulties and more as well. One of the biggest challenges has been managing children and school. In the early part of the year, children might have been home. Now, many are in virtual classrooms.

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Your employees need your help balancing their work and their duties as parents in the virtual classroom. Here’s what you can do to assist.

Consider Flexible Scheduling

Some employees will have duties in the morning or the afternoon. Some will handle school two or three days a week. They may be splitting duties with a partner or another caretaker.

Ask your employees how they plan to divvy up the school week, then try to help them work around their school shifts and their work shifts.

Some employees might be able to start earlier in the day so they can finish sooner. Others may be able to work afternoon or evening shifts. Some will be available all day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while others will have Tuesdays and Thursdays open.

The more flexibility you can provide, the easier it will be for your employees to turn in great performances and still ensure their kids are getting the right assistance with virtual school.

Rotating schedules could also help.

Offer a Day Off

Can you give your team members an afternoon off or every other Friday? Rotating shifts can help here too. One team could work the first and third Friday of the month, while another team takes the second and fourth Fridays.

This can assist your team members in freeing up time to balance work and virtual teaching sessions for their kids.

Ask for Availability and Check-ins

Ask your team members to inform each other when they’ll be available. That can help people be aware of when they can ask questions or troubleshoot. It may also help team members collaborate and plan their time more effectively.

You could also ask your team members to clock in and clock out. That way, other employees will know when they’ve arrived and when they’ve left, especially if they’re in a virtual space. This can be beneficial for getting answers in a timely manner and collaboration.

Measure Productivity, Not Time on the Clock

It can be tempting to measure employee performance by their attendance record. This year makes that even more challenging. Instead, think about measuring employee productivity.

Someone may be able to do their job just as effectively in less time. They might be getting more done between certain hours. By keeping an eye on what people are getting done instead of how many hours they’re pulling, you’ll get a better measure of performance.

If your team knows they’re being evaluated this way, it can also act as a powerful motivator for accomplishing tasks. In turn, you’ll find a more productive team, even if they are working fewer hours as they balance more responsibility.

Offer Leaves and Part Time Work Options

If your team members are still having trouble balancing work and virtual teaching, then you may want to consider offering leaves and part time work options. If your business has faced a slow-down, this could benefit both you and the employee.

If demand is high, you might be concerned about these options. You can always consider bringing on additional hands in a temporary way to help bridge any gaps.

If you’re looking for more team members, then get in touch with our team. Liberty Staffing Services can help you find the right team members for your business. Contact us today!

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