Liberty Staffing Provides Flexible Staffing Solutions in Ontario

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Liberty-Staffing-Provides-Flexible-Staffing-Solutions-in-OntarioAre you looking to fill open positions at your company? Whether you're an HR professional or business owner looking to recruit for one or multiple roles, Liberty Staffing Services can help. 

Partnering with a staffing agency can save your business time and money. Hiring on your own can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you're looking to fill a skilled role at your company. You have to write out a job description, post an advertisement online and internally at your company, sift through hundreds of resumes, contact the candidates that you've selected for an interview, and then spend hours interviewing different candidates. If the candidate doesn't work out, then you have to start from square one.

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Let Liberty Staffing take care of the recruitment process for you! Here's more information about our staffing agency and the flexible staffing solutions that we offer. 

About Liberty Staffing Services

Liberty Staffing Services is an award-winning independent staffing agency with multiple branch locations across Ontario. First established in 1999, Liberty Staffing has been offering quality flexible staffing solutions to local businesses for 25 years! We offer temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent staff within factory, warehouse, industrial, and office sectors. The geographical areas that we service include: Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo, London, Stratford, and Woodstock, Ontario. 

Flexible Staffing Solutions Available

Let's take a more in-depth look at the flexible staffing solutions that we offer, to help you decide what option would be best for your company/hiring needs. 


Bringing on temporary staff is perfect for if you have a short term work project that needs to be completed, or if you need staff members for a short time frame. 

One of the reasons temporary staffing is so popular is that it offers flexibility. As the market shifts, your workforce has to expand and contract with these changes. Those changes can happen within a moment’s notice, which means you must be ready to move. Hiring temporary workers allows you to keep step with the ebb and flow of demand.


One main advantage of the temp-to-perm hiring model is that employers and employees alike both have a chance to evaluate the other. So if the temporary employee shows that they are a hard worker, and they fit in well with your other full time employees, you can hire them on permanently to your company. 

If the employee isn't working out, no problem. Once their employment contract ends, you aren't required to hire them on permanently. 

Think of temporary-to-permanent employment like an evaluation period, or trial. 


Ready to take on employees permanently? Just let us know and we can provide that for you! We have many qualified employees in our database who are looking for permanent work. 

Partner With Us Today! 

If you're looking to fill any of the above positions at your company, partner with us today! Contact a Liberty Staffing branch location nearest you to get started. 

Liberty Staffing Services connects great people with great jobs! Let us help you find your next great temporary, temporary-to-permanent, or permanent hire. 

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