Looking for Your First Job? 3 Tips to Create a Successful Resume

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Looking-for-Your-First-Job-3-Tips-to-Create-a-Successful-ResumeAre  you about to enter the workforce for the first time? Feeling anxious about going on the job market? Liberty Staffing Services regularly helps people join the workforce for the first time, as we offer many great entry-level job opportunities. 

The most essential part of the job search is a great resume. That said, resumes vary in quality, and you want yours to be the best that it can be. 

Resumes that stand out as low-quality are full of spelling errors, poor formatting, confusing phrasing, and outdated or incorrect information. 

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On the other hand, great resumes have lots of things in common. Let’s look at what a successful resume will include. 

1. Match Your Resume to the Position

A generic resume is one that looks exactly the same no matter what job you're applying for. This is usually a mistake. Of course, any resume you create is going to include some of the same details from version to version. But every job is different, and that’s why you need to communicate your value to potential employers through a customized resume for the position. 

Customization can come in the form of a great purpose statement, prioritizing different pieces of information, or emphasizing relevant experiences. 

2. Note Any Experience That You Have

As a first time job seeker, you may think you have little to no experience to note on your resume. However, this is most likely not the case. Think back to any school clubs you have been a part of, teams you have led, and “odd jobs” you have done for family and friends to earn money in the past. Have you been a babysitter, a day labourer, or a youth volunteer? These are all things that should be noted on your resume. 

3. Proofread

Proofread your resume before sending it off to an employer. Some of the things you need to double check on your resume include: spelling, grammar, your contact information, and the formatting of your resume. 

While we’re talking about proofreading, we should mention that spell checking and editing your cover letter is another necessary step in the process. 

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