Looking to Enter the Workforce? Here’s What to Do

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Job Seekers


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Looking_to_Enter_the_Workforce_Heres_What_to_Do.jpgIt can be difficult, even daunting, to enter the workforce, especially if you are embarking on the task for the first time, or if you have been away for a long period of time. Often new grads, those who are new to Canada, and new parents, do not always have the experience or necessary skills required which allows them to find a job instantly. It can take weeks, even months, to find employment. If you are looking to enter the workforce, here are some steps you can to take to streamline the process.

Have Realistic Expectations

It’s unrealistic to think that you will gain a six figure salary right out of the gate. Everyone has to start somewhere. Always remember that even if you take on a position that is not in your field, there’s always the possibility of moving up in the company. If you think realistically, and know what to expect while job searching, chances are you will be more successful in finding employment.

Update Your Resume

For new grads entering the workforce for the first time, add any experience that you can to your resume. Note any volunteering experience or school assignments that you think would add value to your resume.

If you are new to Canada or a new parent reentering the workforce, make sure to update your resume by adding the last work assignment you completed, with notes describing the skills and requirements needed to perform that position.

Contact a Staffing Agency

Register with a staffing agency, like Liberty Staffing, to find employment. Staffing agencies have access to hidden networks, and they will do the legwork for you. Applying online to job opportunities is time consuming, and you may not even hear back from the employer. So why not connect with a staffing agency? Liberty Staffing Services connects great people with great jobs! Contact us today. New Call-to-action

Megan Lacombe

Megan is a Media Communications professional at Liberty Staffing. She has experience working as a Freelance Writer for a variety of companies online. In her free time, she enjoys crafting, photography, running, and kayaking. An avid reader, she reads anything, anywhere. She puts creativity and passion into everything that she does. Her favourite quote is “Create the things you wish existed” by Anonymous.

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