Returning to School This Fall? 5 Off-Campus Jobs to Consider

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Returning-to-campus-this-fall? 5-off-campus-jobs-to-considerAs summer winds down, many are anticipating the return of school this fall. However, the school year will look a bit differently this year, as most universities and colleges are hosting a limited number of in-person classes, or are offering courses only online in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Many faculty members and students still have questions about whether universities/colleges will remain like this for the entire school year, or just the fall semester. 

If you’re a student this fall, you may be thinking about getting a new job. You might have lost your previous job when the lockdown started, or you could be seeking your first one. 

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Remember to look beyond campus for employment, especially this year. Schools are operating with reduced staff, so there will not be much employment available on campus. Off-campus jobs often present more opportunity, more flexibility, and they may pay a little better. 

Liberty Staffing Services has many great job opportunities available. We offer the following five jobs, as well as many others. Consider these jobs as you head back to school. 

1. Customer Service Representative

Almost every business needs a customer service representative, or CSR. This remained true even during lockdown, as many businesses switched to call-in or online operations. CSRs talking to customers over the phone, or chatting with them online, became integral. 

As businesses have reopened, in-person CSR roles have also returned, and they’re more important than ever. Customers have plenty of questions, and a friendly CSR is just the person to help them. Whether it’s working in a call centre or a store, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for Customer Service Representatives.

2. Administrative Assistants

Another key role for many businesses during lockdown was that of the Administrative Assistant. Administrative Assistants often assist customers, especially when it comes to making appointments, or other scheduling tasks. They also help busy teams manage their engagements. They might keep on top of ordering office supplies, look after HR, greet customers when they arrive at the office, and other responsibilities as well.

As offices and stores reopen, they may require a temporary Administrative Assistant to help greet customers at the door, or to make appointments. Some might want someone to fill in part time if their full-time person is working from home.

3. Pickers and Packers

Warehouses kept going strong during lockdown, especially for businesses that sell products online. Warehouses will no doubt continue to do well through the fall. Warehouses almost always need more talented hands, including Shippers, Receivers, and Pickers and Packers.

If you have never worked in a warehouse before, then Picker or Packer could be a great starting role. Pickers move around the warehouse, collecting the various items for customer orders. Packers double-check orders for accuracy, and get them ready to ship out to customers. Some warehouses will combine these two roles.

There are often many other warehouse positions, so don’t worry if Picker or Packer doesn’t sound like the right role for you. There are many other jobs to choose from. 

4. Food Processing Roles

Another industry that kept running through lockdown is the food and beverage industry. While some types of business or services saw demand fall, others saw an increase (especially those offering home delivery). The fact of the matter is people will always need food.

Many food processing plants will require extra hands on deck to relieve shortages. Some have expanded in the last few months, and others are trying to hire and get their teams back up to full speed. 

5. General Labour

Last but not least, you may want to consider a job as a General Labourer. General Labourers perform many different roles in a business, and almost every employer will hire someone for general labour tasks. As a result, General Labourers are almost always in demand.

Apply to Liberty Staffing Services today! Take a look at our job board, or get in touch with one of our branches to discover more great job opportunities near you!


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