Top 5 Reasons to Engage a Staffing Agency for Your Hiring Needs

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Hiring


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Top-5-Reasons-to-Engage-a-Staffing-Agency-for-Your-Hiring-Needs.jpgEvery industry is different and every hiring manager has his or her own style. As a result, hiring needs vary depending on multiple factors such as industry, employment style, and worker expectations. 

Despite the differences in hiring needs from one business to another, staffing agencies offer overall support to employers looking to grow their workforces. There are plenty of different types of staffing firms that can offer different services depending on industry and hiring needs. 

For employers who want to build a strong ongoing relationship with a partner, working with a staffing firm is an excellent decision. Here are the top five reasons to engage a staffing company for your hiring needs.

1. Move Quicker and Get Back to Business

Hiring takes up a good amount of time and resources within any business. While the hiring process can seem cryptic from the point of view of the jobseekers, employers know that there are plenty of necessary steps that need to be taken before an applicant can become a new employee. 

When you engage a staffing agency for your hiring needs, you benefit from faster hiring as a result of the built-in system that recruiters have for talent. Recruiters have already done the preliminary work of getting to know the candidates in their talent pools and therefore only offer employers a curated selection of talent. 

What’s more, once you’ve built a relationship with a staffing agency, the agency will get to know what type of hires your business needs and can move even quicker to help you get the right candidate for the job.

2. Temporary to Permanent Hires

Some employers misunderstand staffing agencies when they assume that these firms specialize only in temporary hires. That myth is easily busted once employers learn that many staffing agencies offer both temporary and permanent staffing, and many temporary staffing firms offer the opportunity for employers to turn their temporary hires into full-time team members.

3. Save Money

When you partner with a good staffing agency that fully meets your needs, you end up saving money in the long run because you start making excellent hiring decisions and reduce the number of resources that your team puts into hiring. 

While many companies miss out on these savings because they see a staffing agency partnership as a frivolous cost, you’ll actually be surprised to learn that using staffing agency services saves you money that would otherwise be misspent on bad hires, on paying your HR staff overtime, on background checks, and on preliminary training. 

The staffing firm takes care of the small stuff so you don’t have to be caught by the unexpected costs of hiring.

4. Satisfy Your Diverse Hiring Needs

Your business may have a variety of hiring needs within any given period of time. Perhaps you need someone immediately to fulfill a temporary position, but you’re also looking for a superstar manager and you’re willing to wait until you find the right candidate. 

Staffing firms can help you with all your hiring needs and work to your schedule so you don’t have to put continuous effort into the seemingly continuous element of staff development.

5. The Best Kind of Surprises

When you work with a staffing agency, you might not know the entire extent of help recruiters can offer. Businesses that take the time to partner with a staffing agency that specializes in their industry will benefit from a well-rounded set of supportive elements. 

There are many unexpected benefits of partnering with a staffing agency, and part of that boils down to comprehensive ongoing support that you get from a strong business relationship. In addition, you’ll also benefit from industry insights that you otherwise wouldn’t know. For example, if you partner with a niche staffing firm that relates to your industry, you could benefit from unexpected but incredibly helpful industry tips, trends, forecasts, and knowledge.

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