What Gen Z Expects From an Employer (And How to Accommodate Their Needs)

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what-gen-z-expects-from-an-employer-and-how-to-accommodate-their-needs-thumbGen Z, which includes anyone born from around 1993 to 2011, makes up about 20% of Canada’s workforce. Attracting Gen Z workers should be a priority for employers in every industry, and a staffing agency can help.

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Gen Z Looks for Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is one of those phrases that shouldn’t be treated like a buzzword. This is a non-negotiable for your younger hires. 

Young workers have seen their parents give up too much of their personal lives to work commitments, and they don’t want to make the same mistakes. That’s why you’ll find them prioritizing work-life balance over just about any other job benefit or perk. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean working less than their older counterparts, but it does mean increased flexibility

Young Employees Want Clear Instructions & Consistency

Clarity, clarity, clarity. Gen Z wants to do a good job at work. They also want to be confident in their performance. To support Gen Z workers, help them know exactly what is expected of them.

This probably would have been good advice for any new generation entering the workforce, because clarity is always better than confusion. But with Gen Z, it’s even more important to help them know what is expected of them and how they can meet their employment goals. 

Gen Z Workers Want to Work for Ethical Businesses

Gen Z wants to work for ethical employers. They want to know that the leadership at their place of employment is making positive contributions to the world. When you run a warehouse or factory, you may think, “If Gen Z wants to work for companies that are changing the world, where do we fit in?”

Leaders in every industry can demonstrate strong ethics by creating a diverse work environment that respects its team members. Good leadership, ethical decision-making, and a celebration of diversity are just a few of the things you can do to help your employees know that they are in a workplace that believes in doing good in the world. 

Gen Z Workers Adapt Quickly to New Technologies

Gen Z has been raised on the internet. They are accustomed to smart devices, apps, and a digital experience both in school and work. Many of them finished school during the pandemic, so they have experience with pivoting quickly from one technology to the next.

Even if your new hires have not worked with a specific technology before, they will usually adapt quickly if you give them the training they need. Gen Z workers will be your allies when it comes to implementing new technologies and automated tools. 

In-Person Work is Appealing to Gen Z

The pandemic has had an impact on the way Canadians work, but that’s especially true for Gen Z, many of whom entered the workforce in the last two years. 

Hybrid workplaces, which were once relatively rare, are appealing to many workers because of the flexibility they provide, but are they attractive to Gen Z employees? 

Gen Z was actually the generation most eager to return to in-person work following the height of pandemic shutdowns. These youthful workers enjoy the social connections that work provides. As newer members of the workforce, they may not have the experience necessary to keep themselves on track while working from home. 

This means that if your operations are 100% in-person, you have the potential to appeal to Gen Z workers who do not want to work from their bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. 

How to Accommodate Gen Z’s Needs in the Workplace

Asking this question is already taking a step in the right direction! Too many people mix up Millennials and Gen Z, or they think that they are basically the same group. But Millennials are now your experienced workers, and most members of Gen Z are just launching their professional careers. 

The best thing to do when working with Gen Z is to communicate with them. The more you can help them understand about their job and responsibilities, the better. 

If you know that your company leaders are making important, meaningful decisions that are ethically aligned with the values of Gen Z, communicate to them!

If you want to encourage your Gen Z employees to “move up the ladder” into management positions, help them see the path. 

Generation Z is a great group of people, and we hope that you are enthusiastic about them joining your company. 

Using a Staffing Agency to Find New Workers

If you need help finding youthful workers to take positions in your company, a staffing agency is the best place to look.

As Gen Z joins the workforce, many of them are seeking help from employment staffing agencies. Companies like ours exist to pair great workers with great employers, and we use our deep networks to find the best candidates for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Liberty Staffing today to start finding great new people to meet your staffing needs–and that includes Gen Z workers!

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