Why Your Business Should Consider Employing Temporary Workers

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By Megan Lacombe

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Why-Your-Business-Should-Consider-Employing-Temporary-Workers.jpgTemporary work is on the rise and the average workforce is now a mix of full-time employees and temps. And for good reason. Business owners can gain a heap of benefits from employing temporary workers.

Here are just some of the top reasons why hiring temps is a great strategic business move that you should consider making.

Seasonal Help

Does your business have peak times where you need more employees than other times when you need the bare minimum work force? Maybe you need more help during the holiday rush or during the summer months. When you work in a seasonal industry, it doesn’t always make sense to hire a load of new full-time or permanent employees when you know demand is going to die down in a few weeks or months.

Employing temporary workers can help you maintain optimal staffing levels, on both peak and off-peak times of the year. Whether you just need one additional worker or a dozen, a temporary staffing agency can help you staff your workforce as needs arise. Then, simply send the temps back to the staffing agency when business slows down again.

Evaluating Workers without Commitment

Hiring is risky business. No matter how confident you are in a new hire, you don’t really know if things are actually going to work out. The new employee might realize that they don’t enjoy the work, the commute, or the environment. Or, you might realize that your new worker isn’t really cutting it, isn’t productive, or isn’t a match to your company culture. Either way, this only occurs after you’ve spent time, money, and resources on recruiting, hiring, and training.

Employing temporary workers can be a great way to evaluate new workers without the financial commitment. You can use the temp-to-perm hiring model to test out new workers for a few months before extending an offer of employment. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Saving Time and Money

Employing temporary workers is often less expensive and less time consuming than hiring permanent employees. Your temporary staffing agency will handle all of the administrative work, including payroll processing and compliance, so you don’t have to.

The staffing agency will also be responsible for the financial burden that comes with recruiting, hiring, testing, and screening new workers. It will pay any benefits, EI, CPP, and taxes.

When you hire temps to fill in when you’re low on workers, you can also cut the cost of overtime.

Easily Adjusting to Workload Fluctuations

No matter how efficiently you manage your workforce, unexpected things will happen. Your employees will call in sick sometimes. They’ll take vacation time. Some might go on extended leave. Or you could also face sudden departures.

You may also face unexpected or temporary demands, such as special projects or sudden new contracts.

Employing temporary workers can enable your business to more easily adjust to these staffing issues and workload fluctuations. You’ll never have a skeleton crew again. You’ll always be able to maintain optimal staffing levels.

And when your staffing levels are adequately maintained, you benefit from better productivity and efficiency. Your customer service level can remain high, you won’t miss deadlines, and you won’t have to miss out on any business opportunities that might come your way.

Relieving Your Existing Staff

When you don’t have enough employees to handle the current demand, your current staff could end up being overburdened and burned out. They might have to double their workloads and work extra shifts. And this can take its toll on morale and job satisfaction.

Employing temporary workers can enable you to relieve your existing staff, prevent burnout, and eliminate the risks of being understaffed.

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