5 Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency for Your Next Administrative Assistant Hire

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5-Reasons-to-Use-a-Staffing-Agency-for-Your-Next-Administrative-Assistant-HireAdministrative assistants are responsible for such important tasks in the workplace, and finding the right one is a non-negotiable part of your staffing strategy. 

When you feel pressured to hire the right administrative assistant for your business, you can get rid of that stress by working with a staffing agency. 

Liberty Staffing helps businesses in Southern Ontario recruit and onboard administrative assistants that are the best of the best. Contact us to find out more information. 

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Here are 5 reasons why your next administrative assistant hire should come from a staffing agency!

1. Staffing Agencies Have Connections Throughout the Community

One of the biggest benefits of hiring through a staffing agency is their deep and meaningful connections with the community. 

Staffing agencies know more about where people are looking for jobs, what kind of jobs they are looking for, and what their region’s employers are looking for than anybody else in the community. 

That means that a staffing agency knows how to get the word out about your open positions. In addition to posting job listings where we know they will end up in front of the right candidates, job seekers go directly to staffing agencies to find work. 

These connections lead us to the next reason…

2. A Staffing Agency Can Fill Positions Quickly

Being connected in the community is just one of the reasons why a staffing agency can fill positions so quickly. 

Additionally, agencies have streamlined the processes of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. There is no need to wait days or even weeks between each step of the process, which is often what happens when you try to manage your company’s hiring on your own. 

When you need to get someone into a position quickly, a staffing agency is one of your best options. 

3. Staffing Professionals Know How to Screen Candidates Effectively

Pre-screening your employees is about making sure that your company finds the right people for the right positions. 

There are so many developing technologies and tools for screening candidates. It can get pretty overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with each piece of software. There is even a risk of misusing these tools because you can accidentally rule out highly qualified candidates when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Staffing agencies have access to great resources for running background checks, weeding out unqualified candidates as soon as they apply, and identifying the highest quality candidates - all without accidentally disqualifying great job seekers. 

4. You Can Hire on a Temporary or Permanent Basis

Temporary employees are such a great resource in today’s hiring economy. 

The administrative assistants in your company do important work. Often, these vital employees interact with the company’s leadership, management, and team members as well as the public, including customers and clients. 

They make calls, manage schedules, communicate with a variety of individuals, and so much more. You’re going to want to get it right. 

Hiring someone on a temporary basis means you can easily do an agreed-upon “trial run” with a scheduled end date. It’s different from just a probationary period, as both parties are expecting the contract to end at a certain time. Then, if things are going great, you can hire the person permanently!

5. You Don't Have to Spend Your Time on Hiring and Onboarding

Don’t spend your valuable time trying to recruit, interview, and onboard a new administrative assistant when you can outsource it to someone who specializes in this work! 

When you outsource your hiring to a staffing company, you get to focus on doing the work you want to do, like managing your team, growing your company, and increasing revenues.

Liberty Staffing Can Find Your Next Administrative Assistant

At Liberty Staffing, we have been helping Southern Ontario’s business community find highly qualified administrative assistants for over 20 years. 

We know how to recruit, screen, interview, and onboard excellent administrative assistants and get them into our clients’ workplaces quickly. 

Contact Liberty Staffing today to find out how we can help you fill your open administrative positions right away! 

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