6 Tips for Staying Calm and Focused in an Interview

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6-tips-for-staying-calm-and-focused-in-an-interview-thumbInterviewing for a new job can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are easy, attainable strategies that will help you keep calm and ace your next interview.

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And when it’s time for your interview, try out these strategies!

1. Come Prepared for the Interview

You may think, “Well, that’s obvious!” Being prepared is always good advice for any interview, no matter the position or the industry. But what people sometimes forget is to use their preparedness to build confidence. Being prepared isn’t just about making a good impression or following good interview protocol. It is also about being able to remind yourself that you are prepared and deserve the interview opportunity. 

The more you know about the company and position, the more confident you will be as you tailor your answers to questions you were probably already anticipating. 

2. Don’t Be Late

Showing up late is one of the worst mistakes you can make when interviewing for a new position. After all, the interviewer will assume that if you can’t show up on time to the interview, then you probably won’t show up to work on time, either.

But another reason to avoid being late is that you won’t feel flustered, worried, or stressed over what they are thinking about your lateness.

Leaving nice and early also allows you to gather your thoughts, familiarize yourself with the setting, and take care of unexpected needs like a trip to the washroom or a traffic delay. 

3. Rehearse What You Want to Say

Practicing what you want to say is a great preparation strategy. You don’t have to write or follow a script, you just need to rehearse some key phrases and words so that they come out naturally and easily when you are in the interview. 

Some of the things you should practice are how you’ll describe yourself, an explanation for why you want this job, and answers to standard interview questions

It doesn’t matter if you rehearse in front of a mirror, with a friend or family member, or even in the car, as long as you practice what you’re going to say. 

4. Remember That an Interview is a Conversation

It can be easy to get caught up in anxiety and nervousness when you think about getting the answer to every question right. Do you feel the same way when conversing with someone in a more typical social interaction?

If you can converse with someone outside of a job interview, you can converse as part of one! Remember that you are not just there to answer questions; you can also ask questions and engage in a back-and-forth conversation with the individual or individuals who are interviewing you.

If it helps you to think of this as a conversation about a job, rather than an audition, then embrace that way of thinking. 

5. Practice Speaking Slowly

When most people are nervous, they speak quickly. Sometimes they talk so fast that it’s hard to understand what they are saying! Speed talking can make people perceive you as nervous or uncomfortable.

Try to remember to slow down, take deep breaths, and avoid rushing through your words. 

6. Use the STOP Method to Calm Your Nerves

We love recommending the STOP method!  

S stands for “STOP for a moment and focus on your thoughts.” T stands for “TAKE some deep breaths to help you calm down.”  O stands for “OBSERVE what is going on inside your body, including your emotions.” P stands for “PROCEED” once you have taken those deep breaths and evaluated how you are doing. 

A Staffing Agency Can Help You Prepare for Your Interview

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