7 Out-of-the-Box Perks to Attract New Candidates

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7-out-of-the-box-perks-to-attract-new-candidates-thumbDuring a booming job market, it can be a challenge to attract the top candidates to your open positions. 

Liberty Staffing can help you find great people to join your team. Whether you’re looking for temporary, permanent, full time, or part time staff, Liberty Staffing knows the ins-and-outs of the job market in Southern Ontario. Reach out today to learn more.

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As you are rethinking your current strategies to attract new candidates, try offering the following perks. These strategies go beyond the expected benefits of paid time off, insurance options, and retirement contributions. 

1. Employee Recognition Programs

A well-run employee recognition program increases worker retention by creating opportunities for managers to communicate how much they value their employees. 

It’s not just about retention though. Employee recognition programs are appealing to job seekers because most people want to work somewhere that values them as individuals and as contributors to the team. 

A strong employee recognition program doesn’t just announce an “employee of the month.” Rather, these programs give meaningful rewards to workers who have performed well. 

2. Flexible Schedules 

Flex work is growing in popularity. In fact, it’s one of the most popular workplace benefits that today’s job seekers are looking for. Even in industries like warehousing, where shifts have historically been pretty regimented, there is room to give employees more flexibility when it comes to their schedules. 

Promoting flexibility doesn’t mean you have to turn scheduling into a free-for-all where everyone chooses exactly when and where they want to work. There are smaller changes you can make to give people flexibility at work.

Flexibility can mean having the option to switch shifts with relatively short notice so that people can adjust their work schedules to meet changes in their lives. Flexibility can also look like people having the opportunity to work longer shifts four days a week in order to have an extra weekday off. Or it can be job sharing, easy transitions between full and part time work, and remote work options. 

3. Hybrid Work Options

During the pandemic, some people discovered that they love working from home, while others realized it was definitely not for them.

People who did well as remote workers may be drawn to the idea of hybrid work. A hybrid workforce is one in which some people are working on-site and others are working remotely. Offering this as an option can be very appealing to job seekers who would prefer remote work but haven’t been able to find something that is both remote and full time. 

Consider which positions in your company may be able to be fully or partially remote. And be sure to advertise that you’re offering hybrid or remote work as an option. 

4. Community Perks & Discounts

Many employers negotiate with local and national companies to provide special discounts and perks to their employees.

In the interview process, when your candidate is trying to get to know your company, show them all the benefits of working with you, including these special perks and discounts.

Hotels, gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, theme parks, movie theaters, local stage theaters, insurance companies, restaurants, and museums–these are just some of the businesses that may be willing to give your employees a meaningful discount! 

5. Tuition Reimbursement

Workers who want to pursue further education will be drawn to employment opportunities that also provide tuition reimbursement programs.

You can create a contract that benefits your business, as well. Tuition reimbursement can be provided in exchange for a commitment to work for the business for a certain amount of time. 

6. Mentorship Programs

Employees who want to advance in their careers quickly will find the idea of a mentorship program to be quite appealing.

Mentorship programs create opportunities for individuals to learn from people who have been in the industry for much longer than they have. They also build stronger relationships between new and experienced employees. 

7. Community Give-Back 

Did you know that Gen Z workers prioritize working for ethical companies that are making a difference in the world? You can appeal to this growing segment of job seekers by demonstrating that your company gives back to the community. 

Some of your options include making donations to local organizations, offering sponsorships of local teams and events, and matching the donations your employees give to nonprofit organizations. 

Staffing Agencies Can Help You Find Great Workers

In today’s job market, you have to make sure that your open positions reach qualified job seekers. Whether you’re looking to fill many positions or just a handful, a staffing agency can take the stress out of finding, interviewing, and hiring the best candidates. 

Liberty Staffing has nearly 25 years of experience working with Southern Ontario’s businesses and job seekers. We’re here to make your experience with staffing run smoothly and effortlessly. 

Let us know what strategies you are using to attract new team members. Then we can make sure that the best candidates hear about those positions and benefits! 

Contact Liberty Staffing today to start alleviating the stress and workload of staffing your business.

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