Germ Prevention in the Workplace

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By Megan Lacombe

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Germ_Prevention_in_the_WorkplaceWith flu season upon us, Liberty Staffing would like to shed some light on germ prevention in the workplace. This information is for our employees and clients. 

Many of the industrial companies that we staff deal with services and products, which come in contact with many people. The clerical roles that we fill for businesses often deal with the general public. Whether you're working within a warehouse, industrial, or office setting, you will be exposed to a widespread of germs. 

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At Liberty Staffing, health and safety of our employees is our number one priority. We would like to provide you with a list of how you can prevent germs in the workplace. 

Wash Your Hands Often

Hand hygiene is very important, and is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and infections in any setting. 

Be sure to wash your hands regularly throughout the workday. This includes: before handling or eating food, after using the restroom, and after sneezing or wiping your nose.

Wash your hands thoroughly for 15 seconds. Soap and water is best. 

Cover Your Mouth When You Cough or Sneeze

Have a cough or runny nose? Use a tissue, and throw it out immediately afterwards. Don't keep the tissue in your pocket, or on your work area or desk

Sneeze into your upper sleeve to avoid the spread of germs in the air. 

Avoid Touching Your Face

Whether you are sick or not, try not to touch your face. If you're sick and you touch your face, and touch something in a shared work space, you may make your coworkers sick. You also do not want to touch your face if you are working around someone who is sick. Germs can be easily spread, and enter your body through your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Clean and Disinfect Surfaces/Shared Items

If you share a desk or phone with someone in the office, or if you share a RF scanner with someone in the warehouse, you should clean and disinfect the items before you use them. The same goes for door handles, keyboards, and any other items that are shared between team members in the workplace. 

As a business owner, ensure that there is enough cleaning supplies, tissue, and disinfectant supplies available for your employees to use. 

Need more tips on how to prevent germs in the workplace? Contact Liberty Staffing Services today. 

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Megan Lacombe

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