How the Role as an Administrative Assistant Has Changed with the Flexible Workplace

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how-the-role-as-an-administrative-assistant-has-changed-with-the-flexible-workplace-thumbAdministrative assistants are an essential part of the workforce. These important team members make the workplace run smoothly and efficiently. Administrative assistants are the backbone of countless businesses!

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Flexible workplaces are growing in popularity, and that means big changes for administrative assistants. The good news is that all of these changes are manageable! 

Flexible Workplaces Will Likely Use Hybrid Schedules

Hybrid schedules are quite popular, even in industries that you wouldn’t expect, like manufacturing. A hybrid schedule can look like easily shifting between full and part time work, alternating between in-office and remote work, or working longer shifts in order to have more days off each week.

For administrative assistants, hybrid schedules give you more flexibility in where and when you work. However, you are unlikely to have total control over your schedule. When you work will depend on your industry’s busier seasons, what kind of work you’re doing, and what the schedules look like for the people you work with. 

Administrative Assistants Will Have More Flexibility About Where to Work

Many administrative tasks can be done remotely. Previously, clerical and administrative workers were usually excluded from work-from-home arrangements. However, the pandemic changed that. 

As administrative assistants proved that much of their work could be done remotely, some companies decided to continue to have them work from home, or at least give them the option to work from home some of the time. 

As the workplace has become more and more digitized, administrative assistants spend much less time with paper records and files. Virtual meetings are replacing in-person meetings, and a lot of communication is digital instead of face-to-face. 

Working from Home Comes with New Challenges

If you are working from home all the time, you will need a dedicated workplace. Your employer will probably provide you with the technology and equipment you need.

Your work-from-home space will need to be quiet and without distractions that keep you from getting your work done. Some employers will have policies about whether or not an employee can be in the room with other people while working, such as children or a partner. 

These policies are often informed by rules about who can have access to the information that an administrative assistant shares. For example, someone working for a medical office, school, or investment business is probably going to handle sensitive information related to people’s personal information. There could be rules for how to handle that confidential or privileged information when working from home. 

If you are part of a hybrid work force, you will need to adjust to multiple work stations: your at-home work station and your in-office work station. It is so important to pay attention to what you need to bring back and forth between these two work areas. 

You’ll Spend More Time Communicating With People Who Are Not on Site

Whether on-site or remote, administrative assistants today spend a lot more time communicating with people digitally. 

Workplace flexibility means the other people at your company may be working from home or working on totally different days than you are. Admin assistants need to have excellent email and virtual meeting skills to adjust to this change. 

Everyone Will Become More Dependent on Cloud Technology

Cloud technology eliminates a company’s dependence on storing files and data on individual machines. Instead, information is stored in the cloud and is accessible to everyone within the network who has the right permissions.

Administrative assistants need to nimbly move around within cloud software programs. Today’s administrative assistants are a business’s early technology adopters. The success of the company’s day-to-day operations is often dependent on how well the administrative worker is able to navigate data management. 

How to Become an Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant positions are great for people who are new to the workforce and those who have been in it for a while. 

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