How to Attract Skilled Workers in the Manufacturing Industry

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By Linsey Harmer

Topics: Manufacturing


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How-to-Attract-Skilled-Workers-in-the-Manufacturing-IndustrySkilled workers play an essential role in the manufacturing industry. If you are facing a shortage of these important employees, your facility isn’t going to run smoothly or at its full potential. 

Being able to attract skilled workers to fill open positions in your manufacturing facility is so important. You can’t just list a position on a job board and hope for the best. 

Liberty Staffing can find great skilled workers in manufacturing for you – you just need to let us know how we can help! Reach out to us today to talk about your options. 

In the meantime, here are some changes you can make if you want to improve your recruitment.

Create Excellent Job Descriptions for Skilled Worker Positions

The most desirable job candidates are going to apply to positions with very clear job descriptions that include accurate and detailed information about the position, hours worked, salary or wages, and company culture. 

The more information you can provide, the better! Be sure to use a great job listing title, too, because that is what will get your candidates to click and find out more.

Make Sure Your Compensation is Competitive

Skilled labourers tend to have more job opportunities than non-skilled labourers, which makes it more important for employers to provide competitive wages. 

Skilled labourers are looking for higher-paying jobs right from the start as they have invested in their education and training. If your compensation is too low, they are simply not going to apply. 

You don’t necessarily have to be the highest-paying manufacturer in the area, but you do need to offer competitive wages that are comparable – if not better – than most of the places where skilled labourers are looking for work.

Create a Healthy Workplace Balance

How would your employees describe the experience of working at your manufacturing facility? The answer to that question will tell you a lot about your workplace culture. 

Do they feel valued? Celebrated when they do well? Listened to when it’s time to share feedback? Enthusiastic about coming to work? Hopefully, the answers to these questions are all “yes!” If not, it’s time to do some creative thinking and problem solving to turn things around. 

Today’s job seekers are looking for something beyond just a place to go every day to make a paycheck. They want to know that their employer is ethical, careful, and respectful. A workplace culture of inclusion, respect, and collaboration goes a long way for the skilled workforce you are seeking.

Hire Quickly 

A smoother, faster hiring process will help you recruit the highest-quality candidates before they get hired by someone else.

Some strategies for hiring quickly include automating your application process, making sure that someone is always monitoring and responding to applications, and outsourcing your hiring process to an HR company or staffing agency. 

This is especially important in times when there is a job shortage. When job seekers have lots of options, they won’t have any reason to wait around for a company that takes a long time to make decisions.

Provide Training Opportunities

Skilled workers already come to the workplace with specialized credentials, including degrees and certificates. However, many skilled workers are interested in learning more information and developing more skills related to their profession. 

If you want to appeal to a great group of candidates, offer training opportunities, tuition assistance, and certification programs – and be sure to make sure that applicants know that these are available! 

In choosing between two or more options, some job seekers will enthusiastically choose the one that gives them the most long-term career-building opportunities. 

Trust a Team of Staffing Professionals

Staffing agencies know all the best ways to connect excellent candidates with great companies. 

At Liberty Staffing, for example, we’ve spent more than 20 years matching job seekers with employers, and we pride ourselves in our success rates. 

A staffing agency team will know where job seekers are looking for information about open positions. They will know how to hire and onboard new team members quickly. And they will know how to make sure that the employee/employer match is going to be a productive one!

Outsourcing your staffing needs will free you up to focus on running your facility and growing your business instead of getting bogged down by creating job listings, advertising them, interviewing candidates, and onboarding new team members.

Liberty Staffing: Helping Ontario's Manufacturing Businesses Stay Fully Staffed

We help businesses in Southern Ontario quickly adapt to the changes in the job market. Whether you are looking for temporary workers, temporary-to-permanent hires, permanent workers, full time staff, or part time staff, Liberty Staffing can help. 

We can find skilled workers for your manufacturing business quickly!

Reach out to us today to learn how we can take the hard work and stress out of staffing! We work with manufacturers, warehouses, retail businesses, offices, and more. 

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