How to Get Hired After a Long Period Out of Work

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hiring - job - tips - resumeExperts predict complete economic recovery could still be a long way off, even as vaccines start to roll out. That’s not great news for many people who have found themselves without a job, and it’s even less welcome for those who have been trying to find work for months.

If you’ve been out of work for a while now, you might be worried about your prospects of getting hired. After all, employers almost always want you to explain “gaps” in your resume. What were you doing while you weren’t working? With more people facing long term unemployment, being able to negotiate this is key.

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These tips will help you get hired.

Use Time to Your Advantage

You might be frustrated by not being able to find work, or you may stop applying to jobs for a while. Be active and persistent in your job search. Of course, you might also feel like the job search is taking up all of your time.

If you have the chance, use some of your time to hone a skill or develop a new one. Maybe you can take a program or course to help. If money is tight, then a webinar or a short, online course aimed at developing a single skill could be the right move.

Why does this matter? It shows potential employers that you have motivation. You’re always seeking new ways to learn and grow, and you’re ready to develop new skills that could strengthen your career. That’s impressive to most employers, and it also gives you something positive to focus on as you keep looking for a new gig

Explain the Gap Honestly

Many people are unsure of how to answer questions about gaps in their work history. In the past, it might have been advised to shorten your resume to hide gaps or to address gaps vaguely.

In the current environment, employers are likely to be more sympathetic. They know the job market is tough and that many people unexpectedly lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Be honest about why there’s a gap in your work history. 

This is another reason to use the time you have between jobs to develop new skills. It can help you turn what seems like a negative into a positive. Instead of saying you were out of work and merely searching, you can say you took the time to learn a new skill.

Try to remain positive. Even if you were let go from a job because of poor behaviour, you want to emphasize positives. Did you have a chance to volunteer to keep your skills sharp? Did you take a course on time management to improve on weaknesses and turn them to strengths?

Broaden Your Horizons

One reason you may be having trouble finding work is that you’re only looking for certain roles, looking on certain networks, or thinking about certain industries.

Take a minute to broaden your horizons. Are there other networks or websites you could investigate? What other roles need people who have your skills? Are there other, high growth industries that are hiring right now?

Taking a broader approach could help you get hired sooner and narrow down the gap in your employment history.

Ask for Help

You might want to turn to your network or to professionals, like talent agents and recruitment agencies. They may be able to help you broaden your search to find employers who are hiring right now. They might also assist you in finding new jobs that have similar skill profiles.

They can also help you connect with more employers. With their assistance, you’ll be able to find more job opportunities than ever before.

There's No Time Like the Present

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