Looking to Relocate? Tips for Your Resume and Interview Process

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looking-to-relocate-tips-for-your-resume-and-interview-process-thumbMoving can be accompanied by a lot of different feelings: excitement, enthusiasm, nervousness, or even dread.

One of the most common questions people have when they are preparing for a move is, “How am I going to find a new job?” You may feel underprepared for the process of finding a job in a new city because you don’t know the hiring landscape or have connections there. 

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Here are a few ways to quickly find a job when you relocate.

Don't Rush

Plan to give yourself time to find a job when you relocate. It’s great if you can get a new job lined up before the move, but we know that’s not always feasible. 

We recommend setting aside some money to help you in the transitional period that includes your move and job search. If your moving date comes before you’ve secured new employment, you will want to have a buffer to cover bills and expenses in the meantime.

Practice for Remote Interviews

You should start your job search well in advance of your moving date, which means that you may find yourself doing interviews before you have moved. In the past, this would have involved extra travel, delayed interviews, or turning down interviews because you couldn’t make it. 

Now, though, remote interviews are the norm in countless industries! 

Check out our blog post which is full of advice for landing a job through a remote or phone interview. 

Sign Up for New, Local Job Notifications

There are some great websites and tools out there for job searching – but you need to make sure they are updated if you want to find a job when you relocate. 

Go into your job listing sites and update your location to your new city. That includes LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and more. You can do this before you move because you will get alerts for potential jobs in that area. 

Even if you don’t apply to all of the jobs that you find out about, you will start to learn about the big employers in your new city. 

Consider Hybrid or Remote Work

Hybrid work describes any position that is split between in-person and work-from-home. There are many different kinds of hybrid schedules and teams, and being open to hybrid positions means that you have a whole new pool of positions to apply to.  

Additionally, applying to fully remote positions opens you up to jobs far outside your own geographic area. Of course, that also means that you are competing against a much larger applicant pool because people can apply from anywhere. 

One other benefit to taking on remote work before relocating is that you can start before you move. This eliminates the need for a stressful period of applying to positions after you have moved. 

Reach Out to Your Network

Some people think that because they don’t know anyone in their new city, they don’t have any connections. 

Let’s rethink that! 

Even if you don’t personally know anyone in your new town, your network of people probably does! Post on your social media platforms, send emails to friends and family, and talk about your move and job search in your day-to-day conversations. 

You never know who in your existing network of contacts is going to have the perfect connection for you! 

Embrace Seasonal and Temporary Work

You shouldn’t feel like you have to find the perfect job right away. If you haven’t found a job that meets all of your needs and preferences, consider taking a temporary or seasonal position while you continue your job search.

Many industries hire seasonal workers, and not just during the holiday season. Depending on where you live, the tourism industry can be year-round, winter-based, or summer-based. Retail usually needs holiday work, but manufacturers and industrial jobs need workers in the fall to prepare for increased holiday production. 

Temporary work allows you to get to know an employer before making a long term commitment to a new position. Find out if you like the workplace culture by coming on board as a temporary employee, and then apply to permanent jobs if so! And by then, you have connections at the company and are more likely to be hired. 

Work With a Staffing Agency 

Our last piece of advice is something we know a lot about – work with a staffing agency!

Staffing agencies have deep roots in their communities. You don’t have to know everyone in your new town if you work with a well-connected staffing agency. We make those connections on your behalf. 

Either before or after you move, take a look at the staffing companies in the area and select one that has positive consumer reviews, a long history of working in the community, and connections with the industries where you want to find work. 

We can also help you polish your resume and prepare for your interview.

Liberty Staffing: Southern Ontario's Premier Staffing Company

If you have recently moved to Southern Ontario, or if you are planning to relocate here, welcome! We’re glad you’re here! At Liberty Staffing, we have been helping job searchers in Southern Ontario find meaningful work for more than 20 years. We help employers find great job candidates, and we help potential employees like you find jobs you wouldn’t otherwise find out about. 

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent work, full or part time work, we are here to help! Reach out to us today so that we can talk you through your options! 


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