10 FAQs About Applying With Liberty Staffing

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10_FAQS_About_Applying_With_Liberty_StaffingAre you looking for work in Ontario? We hope that you'll consider working with a staffing agency, like Liberty Staffing, to find employment. 

Liberty Staffing Services was first established in 1999. We have multiple locations across Ontario. For job seekers, a staffing agency takes the stress out of hunting for a job. Liberty Staffing can do the legwork for you. All that you have to do is apply. 

Looking for a job? Let Liberty Staffing connect you to the jobs you want. Apply  today!

If you're a job seeker, here are some frequently asked questions regarding applying with Liberty Staffing. 

1. What Jobs do You Offer?

Liberty Staffing Services offers general labour, warehouse, industrial, and office jobs in temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent opportunities. Our jobs are located throughout Ontario. 

2. Do You Take a Cut From an Employee's Pay?

We do not take a cut or a percentage off of an employee's wage. This is a common misconception about staffing agencies. Your hard earned money is all yours. 

3. Is There a Fee to Apply?

This is another common misconception about agencies. There is no fee to use our services as a job seeker. Registration is free. 

4. How Long Does the Registration Process Take? 

This depends on the individual. Generally, Liberty Staffing's registration process takes about 45 minutes. This includes the interview, and filling out our paperwork. 

However, some candidates spend no longer than 20 minutes in our office. This is because we conduct our interviews in-person (so that we can get to know you better), and then we can send you our paperwork online (that you can complete at home). 

5. When Do Employees Get Paid?

Employees get paid on Fridays. If you start a job with us, you will be paid the following Friday of the next week. If you work consecutively, full time, you'll receive pay every Friday. 

6. What Happens if I Don't Like the Job?

If Liberty Staffing places you out on assignment, and after a day or week of working at the company, you decide that you don't like working there, that's okay. Just let us know before your next scheduled shift. Also let Liberty Staffing know what you didn't like about the job. This will help us to better understand what you're looking for. We will try our best to find you something more suitable, in future. 

7. How Will Employees be Paid?

Liberty Staffing pays by direct deposit or cheque.

8. How Much Money I Make?

This depends on the position. Every role is different, and requires different skills and previous experience. Most of our roles pay above minimum wage (which is currently $14 an hour). The salary of a position is also dependent on the client company. 

9. What Should I Bring When I Register?

If you're ready to register with Liberty Staffing, please bring in: a piece of government-issued photo identification, proof of your Social Insurance Number, and an updated resume

10. How Quickly Can I Find a Job?

In some cases, we've been able to offer job opportunities to candidates on the spot. Other times, we have placed candidates out within a week of registration. Liberty Staffing Services does not guarantee employment for all candidates, however we will try our best to find you something as soon as possible. 

Ready to apply with us? Contact your nearest Liberty Staffing branch location to schedule an interview appointment. We connect great people with great jobs! 


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