All About Janitorial/Industrial Cleaning Jobs: How to Get Hired

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All-About-Janitorial-Industrial-Cleaning-Jobs-How-to-Get-HiredOne of the industries that has been going full-tilt over the last few months is the cleaning industry. As concerns about the spread of COVID have come to the forefront, the demand for sanitation services, janitorial staff, and industrial cleaners has increased.

Many businesses are now hiring additional team members to keep their offices, warehouses, and factories properly sanitized. Some are contracting additional services to help them meet the demand from governments, employees, and clients.

If you’re looking for a job right now, and if you feel safe and comfortable working in this field, you should consider a job in the cleaning/sanitation industry. Whether it’s a temporary job to tie you over, or a new career path for you, there’s plenty of opportunity. 

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So what does it take to get hired as a Janitor, or part of an industrial cleaning crew? Liberty Staffing Services has the answers for you.

What Skills do Janitorial and Industrial Cleaning Staff Need?

There are quite a few skills and traits employers will prioritize when hiring Janitors and other cleaning staff. The first thing to know is that the job can be very physical. If you’re looking for a job that keeps you on your toes, cleaning could be the right move for you. You could be required to walk and stand for most of your shift, as well as lift items. You may also need to crouch or kneel in order to clean small nooks and crannies.

Being knowledgeable of WHMIS in terms of cleaning supplies is very important. You’ll want to use the right products to get the job done, while also keeping yourself and other people safe. Some mechanical and technological know-how is also a good asset to have. You may have to operate industrial cleaning equipment, such as floor waxers or commercial vacuums. These are a little more high-tech and demanding in comparison to the equipment you’d find in the average household. 

You should also have good communication and intrapersonal skills. Attention to detail, good time management, and problem-solving skills are great traits to have. You should also be a self-starter. You may be working by yourself a fair amount, so being able to work with minimal supervision is key.

Education and Training

Generally, candidates who have a high school diploma or equivalent, will be equipped to get a job in the cleaning/sanitation industry. You’ll be required to complete WHMIS and workplace safety programs. Most other training takes place on the job, especially for the use of equipment. Some employers may have specialized cleaning equipment that you’ll use in your role.

If you want to get a step ahead, there are some certifications you could obtain which could help you land a job in this field. One is the International Executive Housekeepers Association. Others are provided by the Building Service Contractors Association International, and the International Sanitary Supply Association (or ISSA). Completing a certificate can demonstrate your competence and knowledge, and will make you stand out against other candidates. 

Finding Industrial Cleaning Jobs

Once you’ve looked over this list of skills, education, and training, you’re ready to apply! 

You can start by searching for janitorial and industrial cleaning jobs in your area. It’s also a good idea to get in touch with a staffing agency. Liberty Staffing Services has helped many candidates find great janitorial, sanitation, and cleaning careers. 

Once you’ve located some jobs you’re interested in applying to, it’s time to put together your resume and other application materials. Apply for a few jobs and remember to customize your application for each opportunity.

If you’re ready to apply, get in touch with Liberty Staffing right now, and discover a janitorial or industrial cleaning career that’s right for you.


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