How to Plan Your Next Steps After a Job Rejection

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How-to-Plan-Your-Next-Steps-After-a-Job-RejectionGetting rejected by a potential employer stings. It’s a feeling that nobody wants. Unfortunately, it’s an almost universal experience for people who have spent time on the job market. 

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What are the best next steps after you get rejected from a job? 

Don’t Give Up

Anytime we experience disappointment, it can be tempting to get discouraged and give up. We might ask ourselves questions like, Can I even do this? What’s the point of trying again? Will I ever be successful? 

Please don’t give up! There can be so many different reasons why you didn’t get the job, and sometimes they don’t even reflect on you as a candidate. Perhaps your availability didn’t work with the times the employer needed, or maybe someone with just a bit more experience than you applied. 

In situations where there are lots of people applying for the same position, it’s important to remember that only one candidate actually got the job. That doesn’t mean that everyone who got turned down was a bad candidate or someone who should just give up! 

Revise Your Resume

It’s time to ask yourself some questions about your resume. Is it current? Is it detailed and thorough? Does it communicate anything about your personality, values, and strengths beyond just your professional experience?

One thing that often leads to a candidate being overlooked is an unimpressive resume. Even if you are new to the workforce, you can still create a strong resume by including things like extracurricular activities, volunteer work, noteworthy awards and prizes (including those from school), certifications, and unique experiences. 

Don’t forget to do a thorough proofreading edit of your resume before you send it to an employer. 

Check for Common Application Errors

Some mistakes are off-putting to hiring managers and staffing agencies. 

For example, if the job asks for a one page cover letter, don’t submit a three page, single spaced document. Don’t submit a one line cover letter, either. If you are trying to prove that you can follow instructions at your new job, you will definitely need to follow instructions in the application process. 

Another thing to watch for is spelling! Typos and spelling mistakes happen, but in a world with grammar and spell check included on most software, it should be pretty easy to find and correct mistakes before sending them in. 

Perhaps this is the most important spelling mistake to avoid: names! Check the spelling of any first and last names, as well as company names, before submitting a resume or cover letter. People notice these kinds of mistakes faster than they notice others; you don’t want someone to set your information aside because they are irritated that you spelled their name wrong. 

In general, the most important things are to follow all of the instructions, attach all required documents, input information in every required field, and submit your application on time. 

Take a Look at How a Staffing Agency Can Help

Did you know that staffing agencies match job seekers with employers? Companies partner with staffing agencies to manage their recruiting and hiring. If you want to get your foot in the door, a staffing agency is an ideal place to do so! 

A staffing agency looks at a candidate’s job experience, education, interests, and circumstances to help them find the right employer. This is possible whether the person is seeking temporary or permanent employment. 

When you feel frustrated about losing a job opportunity to a different candidate, a staffing agency will be able to see some of the things you can’t: strengths that you haven’t highlighted in your documentation, mistakes you don’t realize you’ve made, and opportunities you didn’t realize were available.

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